Housing Association


Aims & Values


New Foundations is a value driven organisation and as such we:

  • Provide quality housing that is appropriate to the individual needs of our tenants.
  • Carry out repairs & maintenance promptly and to a high standard.
  • Provide a housing management service that is sensitive to the circumstances, needs and preferences of our tenants.
  • Involve our tenants in decisions that affect their accommodation.
  • Develop ways of informing and consulting tenants that are accessible.
  • Adopt a partnership approach in our relationships with tenants, family members, appointees & advocates as well as with the organisations commissioning and providing support to tenants.

New Foundations believes that:

  • Vulnerable people have the right to live as independently as possible in their own homes.
  • The tenancy rights conveyed to our customers must be fully respected at all times.
  • People who live in supported accommodation are entitled to the same security of tenure as anyone else.
  • Our tenants should be supported in exercising choice and expressing their preferences.
  • The Association should actively promote equal opportunities in all our dealings with customers and partners.