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UPDATED 28/04/2021

Dear Tenants and Support Team

The safety and wellbeing of our tenants is always our priority. Throughout the pandemic New Foundations have been in regular contact with both you and your support teams to ensure your safety and comfort.

The advice from government changes regularly and New Foundations will always try to keep you informed of the updated information.


The Coronavirus rules from Monday 12th April 2021


The Coronavirus rules have changed in England

This is part of the governments plan to allow us to get back to normal safely, it is sometimes called a roadmap.

The following places are now allowed to open:

Non essential shops


Outdoor venues, such as a pub or café, but you are only allowed outside.


Outdoor venues, such as swimming pools or zoos

Public buildings, such as libraries

If you go to somewhere inside, such as shopping, gym or other indoor activity, it is ok to go with your support worker or somebody else who is there to help you.

You can stay overnight in a holiday home with people who support you, or who you live with.

You can stay overnight at a campsite with your support team, or people who you live with.

Repairs and Maintenance

From 12th April, New Foundations have begun to carry out all non urgent and planned maintenance.

This means that if you and other people you live with are happy, we will start to visit your home again. If you have any worries at all about a member of the team visiting your home, please get in touch and we will do everything we can to help.

If you have a repair or fault in your home, as always, you can report this to our office on 01706 835333 or through the website via the ‘report a fault’ section.


For updated information about Covid -19 go to the Downloads section, you can also print this information to share with your fellow tenants and your support team.




New Foundations Housing Association is a non-profit registered provider of social housing, established in 2003. Our focus is to provide quality housing for adults with learning disabilities and or physical disabilities. In addition we are at the forefront of providing for the housing needs of adults with autism.

  • We develop and manage services throughout the United Kingdom.
  • All our tenants enjoy the security of an assured tenancy agreement .
  • We understand our tenants communicate what they want and need in many different ways.
  • We respect the individuality of  all our tenants.
  • We work in partnership with tenants, their advocates, their support providers and/or service commissioners, each having a pre-agreed, clearly defined role.
  • All our houses are provided on a bespoke basis.
  • We will actively consult with tenants and/or their advocates to develop opportunities for tenants to be involved in decisions affecting their lives.
  • We currently have 203 tenants throughout the UK and work with a variety of organisations.
  • Being a medium sized organisation, means we are able to offer a more personal service.