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Supported Living

New Foundations is a specialist provider of housing for adults with a learning disability. Our housing is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individuals. We have almost 200 units of supported living throughout England and work in partnership with many different support providers and local authorities.

The models of supported living that New Foundations provide varies.

The majority of our housing is within a shared living environment. Typically a group of three to four individuals who have chosen to live together, each having their own space but sharing communal areas such as kitchen/lounge areas, with a guest room enabling overnight support with a support package provided through the relevant local authority.

Other models include flat based developments.  These typically are bespoke design self contained accommodation with provision for 24 hour support and often shared communal areas such as communal lounge, laundry room etc.

How do I access supported living accommodation?

If you are interested in supported living, you firstly need to contact your local social services department and ask for an assessment, this is to identify if you can access an appropriate support package. The social services department will then assist you in accessing supported housing that meets your needs.

Find  your local authority by clicking here.

You can also contact us directly as we will always try and sign post you to the right place.

We also have a current vacancies page 

What will happen if I am offered a place to live in an existing supported living home?

You will be given the opportunity to look around the property and meet anyone else living there. You may want to visit several times to decide if the property is right for you. You will be able to meet support staff and chat to them about the area and community facilities available for you. Your New Foundations Housing Manager will then arrange to meet you at the property to explain your tenancy agreement and assist you in making any relevant housing applications.



How does it work if a new property is required for me?

If your local authority has identified a need for new housing for you and perhaps two or three other people, they may contact New Foundations with a request for a property. In this instance, New Foundations will enter into contractual obligations with the local authority. New Foundations will work closely with you, advocates, social services and support provider to identify a suitable property in the required location. Once a suitable property has been identified and agreed, the New Foundations development team will work to complete any specific adaptations required.


On-going Support 

All New Foundations tenants receive Assured tenancy agreements to ensure security of tenure. Once you have moved into your home you will meet your Housing Manager who is always available to provide housing support and will work in partnership with your support team to ensure all your needs are met.

Other help

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