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Tenant Access to Information

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New Foundations offers a housing management service that respects the individuality of its tenants and their needs


The housing service that New Foundations provide to you, its tenants, is central to all its operations. New Foundations tenants have the right to access information on the association and how it is performing.

Tenant Surveys


New Foundations produce an annual tenant survey to its tenants.  The surveys aim, is to gain feedback from tenants on how New Foundations are performing against its targets and to help understand how it’s tenants feel about that performance.

Below is a link to our most recent tenant survey and its results :

Tenant Survey 2022

Tenant Survey Results 2022

Tenant Survey Results 2023


Maintenance Review Slips

New Foundations send out a short maintenance review slip following every completed repair or maintenance request.

For everyone who sends their completed survey or review slip back to us we put their names in a hat and the winner will receive a £10 amazon gift voucher.

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Results from the 2023 Maintenance Review Slips:

Maintenance Review Slips Results 2023





New Foundations create seasonal newsletters that are distributed to all its tenants. The newsletter contains information on New Foundations and anything new happening at the association, updates and articles from Learning Disabilities Today, plus other relevant organisations, activities, tenant news and involvement and more.

You can find a copy of the latest below :

Spring Newsletter 2023 


Board Presentation 2024


Annual presentation to the board of governors 2024.mp4

Compliments and Complaints


If you are not happy with anything in your home, or the service provided by New Foundations, then you can contact the team. Your support staff can help with this if you need it.

You can call on 01706 835333 or email at or below is a link to a complaints policy that you can print, complete and send to us at:

New Foundations Housing Association

Suite 36

Hardman’s Business Centre



Complaints procedure

Compliments and Complaints