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With the current cost of living crisis and the concerns with our environment, New Foundations are looking at ways to both save our tenants money and to help the planet.

How do we do this?

There are many ways you can make little adjustments to save money and help the environment.



Your water company have ‘get water fit’ schemes, helping their customers make little adjustments to their homes so they can save water, money and the planet.

On your water companies’ website, they have lots of different hints and tips, including:

Water Bill


Timer 5

Set a timer for when you have a shower, this will help you to use less water.


Teeth clean1

When brushing your teeth, don’t leave the tap running.


To find out which company provides your water and to find their website, visit:

Find your supplier | Water UK

Your water supplier may also have free tools that they can send to you, such as:


Shower heads that use less water



Gas Bill Red

Gas and Electricity


There are many ways to reduce energy in your home, this will help to lower the amount of money you pay to your gas and electricity company.

Ways to reduce your energy bill can include:

Turning a thermostat down

Turning down your thermostat even by a little can help you save money.

Tv unit

Switching off appliances, such as your television when you are not using them.


How can New Foundations help you to reduce energy in your home?

Green Champion!


New Foundations now has our very own Green Champion – Lizzie who is one of our Housing Officers.

Lizzie is looking at ideas for New Foundations to help reduce your energy bills and also help New Foundations do our part to help the planet.

One of the things Lizzie is doing is arranging for an Energy Expert to visit our local areas and speak to our tenants about energy in the home and how we can use less. The first event is being held in Lancashire in November, in partnership with Zernergi and Brothers of Charity Support.

If you are in Lancashire and are interested in coming along, contact Lizzie at to book your place. PS, there will be food and drink and even some prizes!!

Following this event, New Foundations will be touring the country to allow as many of our tenants as possible to come along.

Along with these events, Lizzie is arranging for contractors to visit and look at your homes. The contractors will look at things like:

Image result for images for loft insulation


Insulation helps to keep heat in your home, this means that when you turn your heating on, the insulation will help keep that heat in your home and help to stop it escaping, meaning you might not need to keep your heating on for as long (saving you money)!

Solar Power

Solar Panels

Solar panels use the sun to create energy. This is a super Green way to use energy in your home (saving you money)!


Going Green Presentation



If you are worried about the rise in your energy bills and how to pay them, or if you have any other worries about money, you can always contact New Foundations on 01706 835333 or email or write to us at:

New Foundations Housing Association

Suite 36

Hardmans Business Centre