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Our Development process is probably one of the most advanced in the supported living sector and where possible, we involve tenants or their advocates in this process to enable them to have a choice about where they live and who they live with.

We help  our partner organisations to complete a detailed design specification about the type of accommodation needed, sharing ideas, expertise and taking into account the particular needs of each individual tenant.

Our system means that we get it right first time  and it also enables us to plan for the future should tenants’ needs change.

We have particular expertise in the design and commissioning of specialist accommodation.

We purchase and where necessary, adapt/improve existing buildings.

We commission new build projects if required.

Where possible, we encourage tenants to choose their own interior colour schemes and  also to be involved in the purchase of furniture.

We will keep you fully informed at each stage of the development process.

Once a property is completed, we have a thorough handover system which takes place prior to tenants moving in.  This enables the transition to their new home to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.