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Repairs & Maintenance


At New Foundations, we are aware that our response to repair requests is important and we ensure our repairs reporting procedure is as simple and accessible as possible.  Our current procedure has been developed as a result of feedback we have received – it is simple and guarantees friendly, appropriate action.

We provide a mixture of both in-house and contracted out services. 

When a property is handed over we provide a comprehensive Repairs Information file.

We provide gas, electrical & water safety information.

We undertake annual landlords gas safety certification.


We ensure all staff & contractors treat tenants with respect.

We provide a 24 hour emergency call out service.

We have a pro-active maintenance program for each property where tenants are invited to join us on an annual inspection of their property & advise us of their view.

We are just a phone call away & guarantee that the person answering the phone will know your property and deal with you in a friendly and efficient manner.

For information on how to order repairs, including out of hours emergencies, refer to the contact us page.